Loans for Blacklisted

What does Blacklisted mean?
Many people believe that by having a bad credit history you are barred from being able to get a loan in the future and that your details are added to a "credit blacklist" meaning you will not be eligible for a loan.

In reality, many loan applications are rejected because the client does not meet the criteria defined by the lender they are applying to. When you apply for a loan, each lender will determine whether your circumstances are acceptable to their lending criteria. If you meet their guidelines, you will normally be offered a loan. If not, you will be turned down.

Being refused credit by one lender, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be refused by another. Each lender has their own criteria they need to keep to and this varies from company to company. Lenders do share information through individual's credit reports, but each lender examines the information on your credit report and assesses you based only on their own guidelines.

You may have been refused a loan before but now need a loan to buy a car, or for car repairs, or you may need a loan for home improvements. Loans are available for people who have had prior credit problems but are now in a different financial situation. If you need to pay off your debts quickly, maybe to pay off other loans or credit cards, we may be able to help you, even if you think you are on a 'blacklist'.

To apply for a loan?
Apply online on our website and send the required supporting documents via email to
1. Copy of ID or passport
2. Last 3 months personal bank statements or payslips

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Loans for Blacklisted

Many people believe that by having a bad credit history you are barred from being able to get a loan in the future and that your details – Find out more.

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