Consolidation Loans

Benefits of consolidation loans
1.Easier to manage, with just one monthly payment to think about
2.Track how much you have left to repay, giving you a clearer idea of when you’ll be debt-free
3.Potentially reduce your monthly outgoings, particularly if you’re currently paying high interest rates across different debts
4.A fixed-rate loan is easier to keep track of. Simply pay the same amount on the same date every month
5.It can be quicker to pay off just one loan, and reducing your debt can help to improve your credit score
6.With us, we won’t charge you penalty fees if you want to settle your loan early or make extra payments either

* Debt consolidation loans may be beneficial where the level of interest paid is lower than that of the debts consolidated. However, while consolidation debts may help reduce the amount you pay each month, spreading the cost over a longer period may result in additional interest payments overall depending on your individual circumstances. If you are considering taking out a loan as a way of managing debt, it’s advisable to seek free debt advice from us before doing so.

To apply for a debt consolidation loan?
Apply online on our website and send the required supporting documents via email to
1. Copy of ID or passport
2. Last 3 months bank statements or payslips

Application takes less than 5 minutes. Apply Now

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